Weight Loss vs Fat Loss

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Doug Zucco (founder of Fast Fit) gives you a step by step education on why traditional diets and exercise don't work - and lends hope to readers through his personal story of figuring out the differences between weight loss and fat loss. 

While everyone claims to have the "magic pill" for weight loss, Doug offers new insight and science into how the "weight loss" industry has had it all wrong. From almost dying to saving himself, and now helping clients lose over 70,000 pounds of pure fat, this book is a gift to anyone and everyone that has ever struggled to look and feel their best.

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"Finally! This a straight forward, no b.s., explanation of why what I've been doing for years hasn't worked and what I need to do to fix it. Thanks Doug!"

Patricia M.

"I could relate to Doug's story 100%. This is the type of information they should be sharing on every news channel, classroom, and gym."

Ron F.